Friday, December 3, 2010

Give me a sign


Sorry for the delay in posting but I'm in the middle of studying for exams so expect a lag in posting until December 10 (my last exam :) ). I do have a make-up post coming up as promised but before that I need to do a little venting. Any student will tell you that post-secondary education is not easy. Sleepless nights, cram sessions, giving up your social life and barely seeing your family are just some of the many things that a student has to go through in order to do a decent job on their studies and even that is not enough sometimes. My fourth year of university has been by far the toughest and I'm having such a hard time motivating myself to study.

This is not because I don't like what I'm studying. As hard as accounting is, I actually do like studying it, as weird as it may seem. With the way things are in the economy, job prospects are slim to none. While things are starting to improve, why I am wasting at least 4 years of my life and a whole ton of money to get a piece of paper that has become so insignificant?

A while ago, having a university degree pretty much guaranteed you a job, but nowadays, everyone has a university degree and its become a little obsolete. With all of this in mind, you can see why I've become so discouraged.

Despite all of this, I am trying my best to get through this semester. I think it's important for people to accept their failures, learn from them and move on. If you beat yourself up, it will only make you do worse and worse and worse. It's a vicious cycle! So what if you don't graduate on time and so what if you happen to have a bad class or a bad semester or a bad year. SO WHAT! It's no big deal. There is always next year!

Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that it's okay to make mistakes is actually quite liberating and will actually make you want to do better and become a better person. I try to instil  this in my sister. If there is anything I want her to learn is to have self confidence! It's so important in life, especially for young teenage girls.

Thanks for letting me rant. I feel so much better already and I only hope that I've inspired at least one person.

Love Ada

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foggy Days


If you're living in Toronto, you'll know that we've had some serious fog. Although, fog may be a little creepy to some people, to me it is beautiful and mysterious. While I was unable to quite capture the beauty of the fog with my dinky camera, I got a few pictures in and spend the entire day cooking.

I'm wearing:
H&M Faux-Fur Collar
Grey Cashmere Sweater from Club Monaco
Wool shorts with suspenders from Club Monaco (my 'winter' shorts)
Black Opaque Tights from
Bloch Patent Leather Flats from Locale Sherway

I had purchased a Tart pan and a Madeleines pan the other day from Williams Sonoma and I couldn't wait to test them out. I first heard of Madeleines on the movie the Transporter and had purchased them before but I couldn't be bothered to buy the pan to avoid clutter. But, since I can't find any Madeleines for sale anymore, I must make them myself. 

I found the recipe on Joy of Baking and it is super easy! I also made a Goat Cheese, Tomato and Arugula Tart which was also super easy! I just baked up a standard pastry crust, added arugula, tomatoes and goat cheese and presto!

A make-up post is coming up soon, as promised, so check back soon!


Monday, November 15, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....


Christmas is by far my most favourite holiday! I love it not because of all the gifts but because you get to spend time with your most loved ones and it is the only thing I look forward to during the long and cold winter season. With that said, I'm almost done my Christmas shopping! This was completely unintentional as I didn't go shopping with buying Christmas gifts in mind... it just kinda happened. Random shopping trips led to finding the perfect items for my family and friends. PLUS, Holt Renfrew was having a promotion so I couldn't resist. You got 25% back on a gift card on anything you spent and 15% on cosmetics.

I was running low on my YSL foundation so I decided to pop in and boy did I get some goodies :)

I kind of ended up with a lot of gifts for myself (whoops!) but that's what Christmas shopping is for! I picked up my YSL foundation which is silky smooth, has SPF and looks like I'm wearing nothing. I also picked up a limited edition face highlighter which is the best thing in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! It was so good that I went back and picked up two more (as they are limited edition). It just wakes up your face without being overtly sparkly and I got compliments on my skin and makeup all day long. I also finally picked up the Shu Eumura Eyelash curler in a little kit but enough ranting, I will have a makeup post coming up soon. 

The best gift that I found were these little Truffles in the most adorable packaging. I'm not sure who the lucky recipients are going to be, but they were so cute I couldn't resist. They are great stocking stuffers and the best part is that they were very inexpensive. If I got one of these I would certainly feel very special!

I will be back very soon to share with you some of my cooking and a makeup post will follow that.

Have a great week :)


Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful Fall Days


I just love Fall. All the beautiful colours and the fact that it's not too cold just yet. I especially love walking around in the Fall and just taking in the scenery. This is what I did last week after I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Creme de la Creme with my sister.

As I mentioned before, my sister accidentally dropped my phone in a pond :( but I managed to fish it out. While it's still not working, I managed to retrieve the pictures that she took of me :) (Mini photographer in the making)

So here they are... ENJOY!

I'm wearing:
Black Cashmere V-Neck from Femme
Club Monaco Skirt
Black Tights from
Browns Black Riding Boots

Have a great week and Happy Monday :) 

P. S. I have a Christmas post coming up... that's right CHRISTMAS!

Monday, November 1, 2010



I went up to Waterloo this weekend to celebrate Halloween and I thought I'd share my costume with you guys. It was kind of a last minute costume but I dressed up as Minnie Mouse :). I love dressing up for Halloween and getting ready with my girlies... it's super fun! So here is my costume :)

I hope that you as well as I, have a great week!

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Sorry I've been MIA, again! I was in the middle of midterms and it has been one of the worst weeks in a very long time, but you know what they say, "when it rains, it POURS". Anyways, I went out for brunch the other day with my sister and stopped off at my favourite park to take some pics and my sister accidentally dropped my phone in a pond :(. I managed to fish it out and hopefully it will dry and I can show you the pictures. In the meantime, I made a Tumblr account! I am in love with Tumblr as it is a great way to share pics and it's super easy to reblog pictures from other users, which is great! 

CLICK HERE! to check out my Tumblr account! And I'll be working on some posts for this week so check back soon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Club Monaco and Shopbop


Just a quick note to let you guys know that Club Monaco is now selling their brand through! I truly adore this site and I'm glad that Club Monaco finally decided to start selling online!

P.S. Club Monaco offers a 20% discount to students so whip out those student cards!



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Impatiently awaiting your arrival


I have a little confession to make: I dislike shopping. Now, don't panic. This doesn't mean that I hate shopping, it just means that I only like to shop under certain conditions.
1) Mall must be uncrowded. I hate shopping in crowded places. I usually shop in the mornings because the stores are usually tidier and much less crowded
2) Shopping Solo. If I actually go shopping with an objective in mind or to buy a particular item, I go alone. This might seem strange as alot of people shop with friends in order to get a second opinion, but I just prefer the piece and quiet of shopping by myself: taking my time if I need to or just popping into a store for a quick look.
3) No change rooms. I really dislike change rooms especially in the winter! I'm usually pretty good at guessing my size (In some stores I'm a 4 and some 6 and some a small and some a medium.... you get the point) and if a particular garment will look good on my body type.

All of this leads me to shopping online: You must be wary and really read the details of the items you are shopping for but you do get some good deals!

SO: I've been doing alot of eBay shopping and here are some of the items I've picked up.

Ruthie Davis Mary Janes.... I finally found them!

More Ruthie Davis! Patent Leather Booties. I got these babies for $150, I saw them online last year for $825
And la piece de resistance:

I've been wanting this baby for the past year but it's been sold out everywhere! I finally found it at the Saks Fifth Avenue website. I have to say this website is amazing especially for us Canadians. It changes your total to Canadian funds and also calculates your duties and taxes before you pay so that there are no suprises! I think this is a great feature and more websites should have this. This ring cost $195 and it came to $237 CDN with shipping and duties and taxes which isn't too bad in my opinion.

I've also purchased a lot of hosiery that I will do a post about. My orders have just arrived and I can't wait to wear them!

Be back soon

P.S. I am in the process of changing the layout of the blog so stay tuned!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long gone are the days of summer....


It's been a while! Again! The first weeks of school have been super hectic and the last year of Accounting is by far the hardest so I've been having a hard time getting adjusted to everything and keeping a steady schedule... but I am working on it! Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have most things straightened out.

I did want to share some pictures I took a few weeks ago. It was a hot humid day and I went out for brunch with my sister and then went to one of my favourite parks to snap some pics and walk around. This park is called James Gardens and it really does have beautiful gardens. See for yourself!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

H&M goes luxury.......


I am beyond words excited about this news that I am about to share with you! I just heard (and it has been confirmed) that Lanvin will be collaborating with H&M for a winter line. The line will debut via a video on November 2 and the collection will hit stores worldwide November 20. Check out the video by clicking the link below and be sure to check out the video!

November 20th will be a Saturday which means I am booking the day off work and standing in line to get my hands on this collection! I've never stood in line for any of the H&M launches but I might just have to for this one. I try to avoid mall traffic at all costs nowadays. I try and shop in the mornings when the malls are much quieter and staff is alot more helpful. This is easier for me because I go to school downtown and Eaton Centre is at my doorstep. Sometimes I'll even make the walk over to Bay and Bloor (good exercise!).
I will report back once the pictures/video has been released with the collection on November 2nd. I am tres excited!!!!!!!!



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dancing in the Moonlight


Just thought I'd say a quick hello and share with you one of my favourite summer outfits:

I'm wearing:
Lavender Crop Long Sleeve Top from Aritzia
Levi's Ripped Shorts from Club Monaco
Silver Oxfords from Steve Madden (shopbop)

Speaking of Club Monaco! Just a heads up for my fellow students out there: Club Monaco offers 20% off students with a student card!

See you soon!
Ada <3