Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enjoying the cold?


I just got back from a very cold day that I spent grabbing some lunch with my boyfriend, Brian, at Nadege. I could go on about Nadege, a French Patisserie, forever and forever but since I've done it so many times, I'll spare you the details and just share the pictures of my amazing meal.

I had a cream of mushroom soup and a chicken sandwich and Brian had a grilled vegetable sandwich with a potato, bacon and broccoli soup. They were really good but the star of the show was the dessert!

I had a vanilla pana cotta flavoured with maple syrup called..... Marie Antoinette. It was probably the most amazing dessert I've had at Nadege. It tasted like really good vanilla ice cream and it looked amazing!

After our amazing meal, we went for a nice walk around Trinity Bellwoods to burn off all calories. Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate the cold and I complain ALL the time about how cold it is but lately, I've been enjoying the cold weather and all the pretty snow. This is partly due to the fact that I've been keeping warm with my TNA jacket and my Holt Renfrew cashmere gloves that have these pretty diamond-like buttons on the sides. Double socks and lots of layers are also key. I'm starting not to like my TNA jacket anymore but it does keep me very warm and next season I will save up for a beautiful Mackage jacket (I can't wait!)

I'm wearing:
TNA Jacket
Rich&Skinny Jeans
Guess Striped Turtleneck
Holt Renfrew Brand Cashmere Striped Gloves
Coach Madison Purse

Have a lovely day,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Closet Organization 101


The long awaited guide to closet organization is finally here. I've taken all the tips I've learned throughout the years and a lot of different sites and put together a guide that I feel works! So let's dive right in:

1) Accept it: No matter how big or small your closet is, you need to realize that this is the closet you're stuck with so try and make the best of it! I would love to have a dressing room as opposed to a tiny closet (and one day I hopefully will) but I don't ..... so I tried to make my closet work for me.

2) Have a plan: When you do decide that you want to re-organize your closet, you must have a plan! Set a specific date (preferably a weekend) to do your mini-reno. If you are putting up a new organization system like I did, you need to measure your closet. Bring these measurements with you when you are going shopping as this will take out the guesswork.

OR you can do all this at home! How you ask? I found a Virtual Closet Organizer on the Rubbermaid website that is amazing! This tool allows you to re-create your closet virtually and lets you decide what to put where. Here you can decide where your hanging rod will go, whether or not you want shelves, baskets, shoe racks  etc. This of course will be based on your needs. I knew I definately needed two levels of rods as my closet is quite small and I also knew I wanted shelves... these are the types of things you need to keep in mind!

3) Take everything out: Now that you've decided how your closet will look, it's time to get to work! I'll admit, when I read other closet tips, I thought to myself, do I really need to take EVERYTHING out? And the answer is: YES! You really need to take everything out and see what you have and what you are going to put back in. Divide everything into 4 piles:    
          1. Keep: all the clothes that you've worn in the past year
          2. Donate: things that still have life in them but maybe you don't like or they don't fit anymore
          3. Store: out of season clothing and clothing for future use
          4. Toss: get rid of items that are worn, have stains or holes

4) Put it back together: Now that you have a blank canvas, the fun really begins. If you can, it's nice to give your closet a fresh coat of paint, if not give it a good cleaning. When it comes to putting it the rods and the shelves, get some help. I got my dad to help measure and install the whole thing so it made things a little easier for me. You don't want the whole thing to come crashing down so it's best to get someone who knows about structural support, levels and drills.

And now you can put all your clothes back in. Organize your clothes in whatever way best works for you according to color, style season, tops, bottoms etc.

It is also important to invest in some quality hangers. Wood works best as they are very sturdy. Ikea, Winners and Wal-Mart have very affordable options. Pick different hangers for different clothes: regular for tops, notched for straps, bottoms and all-purpose.

5) All the nicknacks: My delicates, loungewear and sleepwear all go in a dresser while my sweaters and folded in my closet shelves to avoid sagging. I put all my off-season clothing into white Ikea boxes at the top of my closet. I would highly recommend these boxes as they are inexpensive, very sturdy and help your closet look cohesive. I also put my accessories into white wicker baskets so they are visible. Garment bags are also helpful for storying jackets and dresses however make sure that they are not plastic!

It's also a good idea to set aside a spot for the next day's outfit as this will save you a ton of time in the morning. I don't always pick out my outfit the night before but when I do my special spot is a hook behind my door.

I found these amazing drawer organizers that I use to keep my socks and undies organized (I found these at a place called Space Age Solutions and Dundas and Royal York, they were about $10 each). I keep my hosiery in clear plastic ziploc bags to avoid an snags.

6) Shoes, shoes, shoes: Because I don't have too much room in my closet for a shoe rack, I keep my tall boots in my closet with these awesome boot shapers I found. I keep the rest of my shoes in a shoe rack that you can keep behind a door for everyday shoes and the shoes that I wear less often are kept in boxes.

One last thing, you might be wondering why I have no doors on my closet? This is because I hate sliding doors. I don't like not looking at my whole closet so I'm putting up a rod with some thick white curtains so that I can open the curtains and see my whole closet. I'll be doing this in the next couple of days and show you the results.

Wheww! It feels so good to finally have my closet done :) Up next, my dressing table which is almost complete and then I will reveal my whole room as well as my redecorating budget!

Enjoy the rest of your week,

xoxo Ada

Vivienne Westwood's London


I will have my closet organization guide up later on today but I found an article I had to share with you.

"Never mind the tame name. Vivienne Westwood’s London, a one-hour documentary produced by FashionTelevision and premiering on CTV on Jan. 22 at 7 p.m., is a trip and a half, a magical mystery tour of one of the design world’s most active minds.
The program is also an inventive and entertaining travelogue that stops by places both familiar (the National Gallery) and unexpected (the gravesite of the first actor to play Hamlet). But that’s not the reason Westwood agreed to five days of non-stop shooting. She did it to promote her conviction that culture — which entails a love of art and a faith in human genius — represents not only the first step in walking tall but also the last hope against the forces of consumerism, conformity and climate change.
Always intellectually inclined, Westwood, last week by phone from her London studio, reiterated her long-held belief that the clothes we wear on our backs matter less than the heads we carry on our shoulders.
“The thing is, if you become an art lover, you also become a freedom fighter. Nothing will ever blow you away. You should get engaged in trying to understand what the danger is from climate change, inform yourself about what the scientists are saying.”
Ever giving voice to complicated and difficult thoughts, Westwood is never less than a vision to behold. Not being able to see her, I have to ask what she’s wearing. Westwood, who turns 70 this year, tells me that she has on a knitted catsuit, with buttons from the crotch to the top. “And then, platform boots.”
In no time at all, however, Westwood steers the conversation toward more edifying matters. The catsuit is made from wool. Wool has fallen out of fashion favour to the point that British farmers are not shearing sheep any more. Prince Charles is leading an initiative to get people to wear wool again.
Drawn to causes, Westwood is a revolutionary also known for ribaldry. She has used her recent collections to foster an awareness of the work of James Lovelock, the British scientist who forecasts that by the end of the century the planet will be mostly uninhabitable. At a show of her women’s collection for spring 2011, she presented necklaces she designed for Reprieve, an organization that works on behalf of political prisoners.
Still, she holds on to her sense of humour. Last Sunday in Milan, when she presented her men’s collection for next fall, she was less serious. A nod to the Royal wedding that is so much in the air, she offered her vision of the fantasy bridegroom, a fellow in baggy pants and lipstick.
In the documentary, Westwood reveals a similar range of interests. In one sequence, she is in awe of high culture, enjoying the 18th-century French art at the Wallace Collection, one of her favourite London museums. In another, she visits Hampton Court, once the home of Henry VIII. Particularly fascinated by the workings of the kitchen, which have been recreated, she encounters a food historian wearing period costume. Noticing a bump under his apron, she seizes the opportunity for a quick lesson in 16th-century tailoring and asks him how his tackle fits into his codpiece.
It’s typical of Westwood to seek instruction from history. “People shouldn’t be rushing around trying to find the latest thing, because there isn’t anything. The latest thing isn’t happening,” she says. “If we had more people realize that we are the past, then we might get something happening today.”
Source: The Toronto Star
I can't wait to see this! What about you?
Be back soon,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little Inspiration


While I'm still working on the final touches of my room, here is some closet inspiration:

CLICK HERE for celebrity closet inspiration! Have a sneak peak inside Mariah Carey's, Eva Longoria and Anna Sui closets! Sigh!

Coming up next: A guide on closet organization according to moi and after that I will reveal my room AND I'm also debating on freshing up the bathroom (maybe during reading week?)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The cupcakes have arrived!!


Just a quick to make a big announcement: STARBUCKS CUPCAKES ARE BACK!!!!
Their chocolate bloom cupcakes are one of my favourites and I can't wait to stuff my face.
I don't know about you, but this is the best thing that has happened so far this year :)

And speaking of Starbucks, they will be updating their logo!

I personally like the logo they have now but what do you guys think?

Be back soon with my closet post. (Dressing table almost assembled!)

Have a lovely day


Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year New You


My sincerest apologies for being away so long but sometimes life takes over and it's hard to find time to do anything. With a New Year comes many resolutions and this blog is one of mine! I'm moving rooms and redecorating so I will definatly share the progress with you. I've already picked out a paint colour and have made most of my purchases so now it's a matter of just putting everything together.

I'm super excited because this past year has been very difficult for me so it's time to turn over a new leaf. Every new year, every new year I feel recharged and ready for new beginnings! That make-up post is still coming up, as promised, I'm just waiting until my room is done to show you guys as I just purchased a dressing table that I'll putting all my make-up on!

See you soon and wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year. May all your wishes come true!

Love Ada