Monday, May 3, 2010

A little under the weather

     If you're a Torontonian then you know we've had some beautiful weather this past week and as soon as I finished my exams I got sick! I've been trying to enjoy the weather as much as I can but my cough attacks aren't helping! I was however able to go for a late night stroll with a friend and grab some tea from Starbucks. I noticed that Starbucks changed their teas a while ago and they now come in fancy cloth bags. But I just feel like they taste different and in a bad way :(

    In the winter/ when I'm sick I swear by their Calm Tea, I even bought boxes of it to keep at home, it is so soothing! Their Zen Tea is very good as well. But ever since they changed their teas I've been so disappointed!!! I couldn't even finish drinking my Zen Tea the other night. Why fix it if it ain't broke? Starbucks: Please being your old teas back!!!!  I'm now left with 2 calm teas bags (the original) and I'm saving them for special occasions tehee! Despite all this, I still love Starbucks and I still go there everyday I just won't be buying their teas anymore.

It was a beautiful warm night but I still decided to bring a little sweater.

I'm wearing:
Black Costa Blanca Sweater
White Wilfred Bustier Tank Aritzia
Light Grey Wilfred Pants
White & Black Flats from Aldo
My favourite Black Coach Purse AND
My new eye glasses!

     Being sick sucks but to top it off I've been extremely busy working and running errands. Sometimes being busy is nice though. I feel good knowing that I'm accomplishing things and being a productive busy bee!

I started my spring class today and I have an outfit to share with you so stay tuned! Toodles!

Love Ada